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Eye diagnosis - a helpful supplement in homeopathic healing practice for children and adults

Eye Diagnosis Iris Diagnosis Iris Analysis Iridology

Naturheilpraxis Tobias Popp|Homöopathie-Kinder|Augendiagnose|Wunstorf
Augendiagnose|Heilpraktiker|Tobias Popp|Wunstorf

I basically use the eye diagnosis for every treatment,

because I can use it to get an overview of my patient's state of health.

For me, the eye diagnostics is also an additional help when choosing homeopathic medicines.

The eye diagnosis is a reference diagnosis that offers a good supplement to other diagnostic procedures. 

The entire eye is examined, in particular the iris, the so-called iris.

The iris is the only place on the body that offers direct insight into the "living connective tissue", the so-called mesenchyme.

Certain structures, colors and other phenomena of this colorful wonder of nature are interpreted.

The examination is not at all stressful for the patient.

More information on iris diagnosis can be found here:


Thanks to digital technology, it has been possible for me to take photos of your eyes for several years and to make a statement immediately while the pictures are viewed with you on the screen.



Tobias Popp​

Bad-Trißl-Straße 7

83080 Oberaudorf
Tel 08033-6069091



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Tobias Popp​

At the old market 18
31515 Wunstorf
Phone 05031-12459

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Naturheilpraxis Tobias Popp|Heilpraktiker|Homöopathie|Homöopathie-Kinder|Augendiagnose|lpraxis Tobias Popp|Augendiagnose|Biodynamische Körperpsychotherapie|Kinder|Rückenbehandlung|Atemtherapie|Wunstorf

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