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Homeopathic self-treatment

Tips for homeopathic self-treatment

In the case of children in particular, I am happy to give parents tips and instructions on what they can and should do themselves in the event of acute illness, especially at the weekend or at night when they cannot reach me.

Without the cooperation of the parents, it would often be difficult to provide homeopathic help and cures for recurring feverish infections such as bronchitis, middle ear infections, pseudocroup, but also for seizure-type illnesses such as bronchial asthma.

It is not only important to find the right remedy (simile), but just as importantLaws of homeopathyapply correctly.

Thank God I find most parents to be very committed and proactive, so after a relatively short time it is easy to grasp the rules required for the respective disease dynamics and to apply them effectively.

Mild and acute everyday illnesses such as fever, colds, gastrointestinal complaints or minor injuries in children and adults are relatively suitable for self-treatment.

Naturheilpraxis Tobias Popp|Heilpraktiker|Homöopathie-Kinder|Erste Hilfe Selbstbehandlung mit Homöopathie

Many pet owners also like to treat their sick dogs, cats or other pets themselves with homeopathic medicines.

(e.g. with aconitum for consequences after New Year's Eve anxiety, if the animals behave in a completely panicked and restless manner on the 1st New Year's Day...)

Grenzen Selbstbehandlung

Limits of homeopathic self-treatment

​The hope of parts of the public to be able to enjoy the health benefits of homeopathic treatment with a quick tip and without the expense of treatment, harbors the risk of underestimating the complexity of the matter. In our opinion, the following are particularly unsuitable for self-treatment and lay treatment:

  • chronic and chronically recurring complaints,

  • all complaints that do not improve within a reasonable time,

  • Complaints with severe pain or other severe symptoms (except first emergency aid without delay of other measures),

  • Illnesses in infants or weakened persons without the support of an experienced homeopath 

  •   Self-treatment during pregnancy is strongly discouraged without the accompanying instructions from an experienced homeopath.

  • except for first aid, complaints with symptoms that cannot be clearly classified and therefore require a diagnosis, complaints that occur during ongoing homeopathic treatment, unless otherwise discussed with the treating naturopath or doctor.

Useful  rules for homeopathic treatment (at home)

Regeln Homöopathie
  • Most important rule #1: It willonly one meansadministered in homeopathic potency

  • Theglobules(beads) can"pure on the tongue"to be takenor dissolvedin boiled and cooled watersipstakenbecome, or both one after the other. First globules on the tongue, then globules dissolved.

  • The dissolution has an additional reinforcing effect and is used in acute, painful processes infrequently repeated small sips(every 5-10 minutes) after prior stirring ("mess up")  taken with a plastic spoon.

  • The sips will be so longcontinued until a reactionoccurs, i.e. the symptoms improve significantly, or a so-called worsening of the symptoms occurs, which can be a good indication for the right choice of remedy. Especially in the latter case, further intake must be stopped immediately.

  • To this just described"initial aggravation"This is always the case when the symptoms improve afterwards. So you pause until the symptoms have improved significantly than they were before you started taking the medication.

  • If the complaints have improved with the homeopathic remedy, i.e. if it has helped but not all complaints have been eliminated, or if the complaints have gotten worse again after an initial improvement, the same remedy is used in the manner describedrepeated....

  • If there is no noticeable reaction after a certain period of time (i.e. no more than 1-2 hours in the case of acute symptoms), a new drug is selected according to Rule No. 1, etc...

On theLimits in homeopathic self-treatmentI pointed out, please readhere:



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