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Gerda Boyesen method

Biodynamic Psychotherapy

My training in biodynamics began in 1992 with a 3-year training course in orgodynamics with Michael Plesse and Gabrielle St Clair. Both were students of Gerda Boyesen, whom I got to know many years later as a wonderful teacher who I will never forget. 

I had the opportunity with her for several yearsdeep drainagemethodto learn

The term deep draining refers to the deep drainage, i.e. the removal, of the neurovegetative congestion fluid from the slagged tissue layers and the contracted muscle parts.


It is the being, the being itself, that is therapist and heals.”

(Gerda Boyesen)

Gerda Boyesen method

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Heal the soul through the body

                                               -Gerda Boyesen-

Biodynamic Psychology

Biodynamic body treatments, deep drainage and vegetotherapy according to Gerda Boyesen

The Norwegian Gerda Boyesen founded theBiodynamic Psychology.

In the center ofbody psychotherapystands one

kind of gentle massage,the body's ability toself-regulationactivated. Biodynamic Therapy  is illustrated by Gerda Boyesen in her book:

"over the body to heal the soul"


Procedure of a biodynamic massage:

At the beginning of the massage there is a preliminary talk,

This clarifies which topics and areas of the body need special attention.

The patient decides whether to speak during the massage.

As a rule, I don't ask any questions that go beyond "lying well", "warm enough" and "everything ok?" .

However, it may be important for the patient to provide feedback about

what is happening internally,   or questions arise...

All of this is of course welcome.

After the massage there is time to rest.

The patient decides what and how much should be discussed in a follow-up discussion. (Opportunity to do so.)

The duration of a biodynamic massage can be very different and varies between 20 minutes and 11/2 hours.

The first try is usually started with little time.

In my practice as a naturopath, I use this form of massage after every back treatment for deeper relaxation of the muscles and to stabilize the spine.



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