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Homeopathy, conventional medicine and the question of scientific recognition

Homeopathy and other methods I use are not therapy methods that are generally recognized by conventional medicine.

There are highly interesting studies and research projects on homeopathy that give a positive assessment of the effectiveness of homeopathy and do not reduce it to apparent effects (placebo effects).

But the scientific debate and recognition is by no means decided.

In practical terms, there has long been far more exchange and cooperation between the directions than the theoretical dispute would suggest.

For me, working homeopathically does not mean rejecting conventional medical procedures across the board.

Necessary medications are not discontinued, otherwise necessary measures are not delayed, conventional medical examination results and laboratory values even help me with clinical orientation and as progress parameters.

The only yardstick here may be the well-being of the patients.

Research and science open up exciting prospects. The results are not always what proponents or opponents expect.

Does faith alone heal?

What about the homeopathic beliefs of small children, horses or other pets?

Can we limit the world to what we already understand today?


If you want to find out more critical information, I would like to point you to the following websites on homeopathy research:



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