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Doctor or naturopath?

What to do with my complaints?

Many patients who come to my treatment

  • have already presented to several therapists  without achieving a lasting improvement in their symptoms.

  • have complaints that either do not or only partially match their previously diagnosed clinical picture, or

  • were sent (away) home without a diagnosis that could be found for their complaints.

  • are sensitive people who suffer from the side effects of allopathic (conventional) medicines or cannot tolerate them at all.

I am often asked by patients who have been prescribed conventional medicine by their doctor because of a serious illness   whether they have to stop taking them when they come to my treatment._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Because both theClassic homeopathy, as well as theBiodynamic body psychotherapy basically work on a different level of action in the body than allopathic medicines, you can and should, if you have been prescribed strong (prescription) medicines by your doctor, continue to take them.

At the same time you can start homeopathic therapy.

Your doctor should then be informed   about the homeopathic treatment with the aim of assisting you in gradually reducing the allopathic remedies if he/she deems it possible and appropriate.


This can result in a productive, mutually beneficial cooperation between conventional medicine and holistic treatment (homeopathy).

Transparency is important here.

I have often had very good experiences working with doctors who specialize in conventional medicine.

Some typical illnesses that may require further conventional medical support, at least at the beginning, are illnesses such as:

  • high blood pressure

  • cardiovascular diseases

  • bronchial asthma

  • metabolic diseases

  • autoimmune diseases

  • Cancer

  • Diseases in which vital organs have been irreparably damaged and therefore drug-based substitution is required.


Finally, I would like to emphasize that, as a naturopath, I know my limits very well and observe them.

As a homeopath, you always try to know as many "facts" about the disease as possible so that the right remedy can be found.

I always appreciate working with my patient's physicians and also encourage them to carry out special examinations and treatments if necessary.

I am of the opinion that it is quite helpful to use the wide range  of the specialist medical practices available to us here in Germany for diagnosis and therapy on individual organ systems or forms of illness .

In this specific case, for example, I recommend relatively often a more detailed examination and drug treatment of the existing cardiac insufficiency or high blood pressure by a heart specialist (cardiologist).

The limits for certain diseases and treatment methods are laid down in the Heilpraktikergesetz.

These are known to me and are observed and observed by me .


treatment costs

  • Homeopathic Treatment

initial medical history                 Dauer ca. 1- 2 Stunden  Erwachsene:  ca 180€ ;  Kinder:  _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ca 150€

follow-up medical history               Duration 45- 60 minutes  Adults: around €60;      Children: around €50

telefonic consultancy  Becomes  calculated based on time spent

In special cases, a cost reduction is possible by arrangement.

Included in the homeopathic anamnesis and in the treatment costs. Individual service possible on request: 50€

Duration 60 to 120 minutes is charged according to duration

Duration 30 to 120 minutes is charged according to duration

  • back treatment

I am a piece of text. Click here to add your own text and tell me bDepending on the duration about 50 €;  poss. spinal regeneration injections applied will be charged additionally.

May be part of a back treatment. For individual services: 30 - 60 €


I would like to point out that the reimbursements from private and supplementary health insurance companies are based on the scale of fees for naturopaths, whose fee rates were last adjusted around 30 years ago. As an insured person, it may therefore be possible for you to bear part of the treatment costs yourself.

I recommend  taking out additional insurance for naturopathic treatments, as experience has shown that in most cases a large part of the treatment costs are covered.

There are big differences in how insurance companies provide services. It is therefore advisable to compare the tariffs of the various providers.



Tobias Popp​

Bad-Trißl-Straße 7

83080 Oberaudorf
Tel 08033-6069091


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Tobias Popp​

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Phone 05031-12459

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