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infants pregnancy and childbirth

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Children are like stars

we must empower them to see the value of their glow,

so that they may have what they brought down from heaven

can live on earth.

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infants and pregnant women

infants and pregnant womengenerally respond very well to homeopathy.

In addition, strong drugs should be avoided, especially in these patients.

More and more parents are concerned about the side effects of conventional medicines, especially when it comes to treating their children.

Especially in that area"around the birth"it becomes clear that the complaints that occur here are often not actual illnesses, but individual reactions, mostly of a hormonal nature, which can become quite unpleasant, but must never be combated with "antidotes", otherwise the sensitive life of the maturing, or a child who has just been born could be put at risk.

For so-called pregnancy complaints, such as tiredness, nausea, vomiting, back pain, etc., I almost always use homeopathy.

Since there is always close gynecological care for pregnant women and women who have recently given birth who come to my practice, it is also guaranteed that the symptoms treated are by no means pathological complications.

Birth, birth trauma and consequences

Also through my own experience of a traumatic birth  and its consequences of my youngest son six years ago, the topic has become a focus of my work.

Often it willTrauma during or after childbirthnot recognized or recognized only late.

The need for much-needed help for the baby, mother and family is often overlooked.

This is mainly due to the "natural stress" in which the mother in particular finds herself during and after the birth, completely occupied with perceiving and fulfilling the needs of her newborn, where  there is no time, possibly traumatic experiences to reflect...

Especially when something "went wrong" during pregnancy, childbirth, or in the particularly sensitive time afterwards, went differently than "normal",  etc. ..., then comes to the mothers a feeling typical of traumatic processes  of having done something wrong,  of having failed, of being to blame...etc. in addition.

All of this often prevents the parents from realizing that therapeutic help is urgently needed, especially for the mother and the baby.

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