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Proven traditional back treatment with cupping and Baunscheid animals

Back treatment in the naturopathic practice 

A main focus of my treatment spectrum since the beginning of my practice.

One of the most complained complaints  not only mine

"elderly patients" with multiple causes.

One always follows iridological examination (eye diagnosis)

and one if desired homeopathic anamnesis.

Once all triggers and causes of the mostly painful symptoms have been clarified, manual treatment follows.

Depending on the illness, the type of symptoms and the sensitivity of the patient, I then decide on the most suitable form of treatment:

  • cupping treatment with Baunscheid animals,

  • Neural therapeutic regenerative treatment with homeopathic spinal preparations,

  • massage, or Biodynamic massage.


Schröpfbehandlung in meiner Praxis|Heilpraktiker|Biodynamische Körperpsychotherapie|Kinder|Rückenbehandlung|

Often a combination of the above treatment methods is also indicated.

Since it is often an acute pain treatment, the decision is made individually for each new visit.



Tobias Popp​

Bad-Trißl-Straße 7

83080 Oberaudorf
Tel 08033-6069091



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naturopathic practice

Tobias Popp​

At the old market 18
31515 Wunstorf
Phone 05031-12459

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