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psychosomatic diseases

The soul can make the body ill - people assumed this several thousand years ago. However, it took until well into the 20th century for medicine to think about the interaction between soul and body again and for psychosomatics to gain a foothold as a specialist area in its own right.

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We are often inclined to look at our complex, holistic, wonderfully "working" system in isolation.
The prevailing medicine still supports us,
Distinguish illnesses in physical, psychological, or just psychosomatic.
How easy this remembering can often be becomes clear, for example, when children complain of stomachache after experiencing a great deal of grief, or when they get diarrhea every morning before school, but are symptom-free on weekends and during the holidays...
One speaks of so-called "psychosomatic illnesses" when the connections between the two systems are unmistakably clear.

In reality, however, we are an inextricably interwoven system of body, mind and spirit that are constantly communicating with each other.

The very interesting article: Neurology:"How the gut determines the head" can be read in the Geo of October 23, 2010 and online.

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