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Coping with difficult childbirth

Geburtstrauma|schwierige Geburt verarbeiten|Homöopathie|

When childbirth turns into a nightmare, parents often feel lost and alone.

It's like someone turned off the light and left them in the dark.

All attention is first directed to the health of the child most affected by the difficult experience...

Just like many other affected parents who had to go through something this frightening, my wife and I felt the same way when our son (as my fifth child) was born in 2013 under circumstances that were traumatic for all of us.

Checklist, whether a consultation in my practice could be useful for you.

You went through a stressful birth experience that was several weeks to years ago.

Since then your life has changed a lot and you feel somehow impaired...

If you ask yourself at least 2 of the following questions, you will probably feel that you are in good hands and supported by me:


1 What could help me to deal well with my current situation?
   For example:

  • To process my birth experiences and to feel light and carefree again...or

  • having a child that isn't developing as it should...or

  • having a child with a disability...


2 How can I be happy again?


3 How do I manage my everyday life?


4 How can I help my child to develop further?


5 What can I do to regain my strength?



Tobias Popp​

Bad-Trißl-Straße 7

83080 Oberaudorf
Tel 08033-6069091



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Tobias Popp​

At the old market 18
31515 Wunstorf
Phone 05031-12459

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