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Application of classical homeopathy
in naturopathic practice

Klassische Homöopathie

When you come as a patient for the first time, a so-calledinitial medical historycarried out.

In this1 to 2 hour interviewThe homeopath gets a comprehensive picture of your individual symptoms and medical history.

For a successful prescription of a homeopathic medicine, many aspects are important that go beyond the actual clinical picture.

The aim is to grasp the whole person with their special individual characteristics, symptoms and reaction patterns, both physically and psychologically, in order to find the homeopathic medicine that is exactly right.

Naturheilpraxis Tobias Popp|Heilpraktiker|Homöopathie-Kinder|Samuel Hahnemann Denkmal Washington DC

As a patient, how can I imagine a homeopathic treatment?

 "The highest goal of medical work is healing, the quick, gentle, permanent annihilation of the disease in its entirety in the shortest, most reliable, most harmless way for clearly understandable reasons."_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

-Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy

Usually this is really justa!  Medium, that is, a vegetable, mineral, or animal substance, or a single, isolated substance that is diluted according to homeopathic laws, respectivelypotentiatedbecame.

A suitable one "Simillimum", that is, to find a most similar remedy.

The denomination of this remedy is its individual name followed by a D, or C, and a number.

The D means decimal, i.e. 1:10,    the C centesimal = 1:100 

and the number behind the frequency of the dilution steps.

Since each dilution step involved vigorous shaking 100 times, homeopathy speaks of potentization.

Arnica C30 means arnica tincture 30 times 1:100 gradually diluted + succussed


Not only previous illnesses are important, but also, for example, illnesses in the family, sleeping habits, general reactions to the weather, etc.

Each further consultation or follow-up anamnesis then lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on requirements.

The intervals between the appointments depend on the severity of the disease and the course of therapy - usually at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

If the course is good, the intervals are extended to 3 to 6 months.

Telephone feedback is often given between appointments.

Samuel Hahnemann, founder of the  classical homeopathy

The term "homeopathy" is   inextricably linked to  the German doctor   and founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann.

He was born in Meissen in 1755 and died in Paris in 1843,   where he practiced until shortly before his death.

Homeopathy and health even moreinformationto homeopathy

With regard to the problems of the current status, as well as the political assessment of homeopathy  in Germany, it is important to me that the work of theVKHD "German Association of Classical Homeopaths"to point out.

Here you will also find further information on homeopathy for patients.

The opportunities and risks of ahomeopathic (self-) treatment

The most important rules for thehomeopathic treatment  (at home)


naturopathic practice

Tobias Popp​

At the old market 18
31515 Wunstorf
Phone 05031-12459

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naturopathic practice

Tobias Popp​

At the old market 18
31515 Wunstorf
Phone 05031-12459

contact form

Naturheilpraxis Tobias Popp|Heilpraktiker|Homöopathie-Kinder|Augendiagnose|Biodynamische Körperpsychotherapie|Kinder|Rückenbehandlung|Wunstorf|Am Alten Markt 18|

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