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Biodynamic Psychotherapy - Psychoperistalsis

How the gut helps in the "digestion" of conflicts and states of tension

We are an inseparably interwoven system of body, mind and spirit that constantly communicate with each other.

The very interesting article: Neurology:"How the gut determines the head" can be read in the Geo of October 23, 2010 and online.

There is currently an interesting article in the Arte media library and on youtube on how closely our brain is connected to the stomach: The clever belly

Gerda Boyesen recognized that the toxic components of emotional and mental stress can be discharged in the digestive system via intestinal peristalsis.

The concept of psychoperistalsis describes the central discovery by Gerda Boyesen and is her most important contribution to medicine and psychosomatics.

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves have an important function in the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system prepares our body for maximum performance, ie if we are constantly under increased pressure to perform, the sympathetic nervous system predominates and intestinal peristalsis comes to a standstill. This only comes into action when the parasympathetic nervous system is in charge and ensures relaxation of the organism, because then the intestinal peristalsis opens and contributes to emotional processing.

The spontaneous movement of the intestinal walls filled with liquid, which is called peristalsis, serves not only to digest food but also to regulate nervous tension.

An inner feeling of emotional security and safety is essential, because psychoperistalsis begins to work in a peacefully relaxed atmosphere.

 The psychoperistaltic function serves for the final digestion by the intestines of the biochemical waste products of arousal or emotionally distressing events.

This process is accompanied by gurgling sounds from inside the bowels and can sometimes be heard with bare ears .

The massage according to Gerda Boyesen stimulates the "psychoperistalsis", ie mental blockages built up by stress or shock are dissolved.

This releases metabolic residues from uncompleted emotional cycles and puts the person back in touch with the flow of life energy.

The intestinal noises are listened to with the stethoscope and serve as an indication for the practitioner where and through which touch tension is released.

Psychoperistalsis is considered an essential self-healing mechanism of our body.

Once regulation is restored, the patient learns to stay in better contact with life impulses and to fulfill an important principle of biodynamics - the principle of self-regulation. The zest for life returns.


The treatment method presented here is a naturopathic therapy method
Empirical medicine that is not among the generally recognized methods in terms of recognition
belong to conventional medicine. All statements made about properties and effects
as well as indications of the therapy methods presented are based on knowledge and empirical values
in the respective therapy direction itself, which are not shared by conventional medicine.



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